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1st Page

Have an organization or group operating in the Thunder Bay area or you are just a big fan of Thunder Bay? Let’s start a community page!

Words representing non-profit organisations.

This is a new experimental feature that allows members of this site to create their own freeform webpage (you set it up any way you want). It can be just about anything as long as it has a connection to the Thunder Bay area and is non-Commercial (and does not violate any site rules).

Note: Your Community Page will use the user name as part of its URL, so you may want to register a new user account/name that will represent your group or organization (you can have more than one account as long as you have a separate email address).

Interested? Just contact the administrator that you want to start a community page and what the page is going to be about. The group/organization will be contacted to verify you are authorized to create an account and page on their behalf. If approved, then you will be contacted when your account has been upgraded. Also, consider setting up a group on our site as well.

Message from the site author,

This website is free to use, but not to operate. Please consider supporting my efforts by liking this site’s Facebook page and making a (coffee money) donation.

A huge thanks in advance!