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Category: General Boreal Forest Blues feat. Nick Sherman

Boreal Forest Blues feat. Nick Sherman


The TBSO welcomes singer-songwriter, Nick Sherman, as he gives new meaning to β€œthe voice in the wilderness”—or rather, the voice from the wilderness. Having grown up spending time with his grandfather on the trapline, his songs are heavily inspired by memories of those early trapline sounds – the timeless hymns of celebration and lamentation on his reserve. His gentle voice is rich with honesty and the vitality of youth, but tempered with world-weariness, in tandem with his strong, simple guitar. Nick’s deeply personal songs are inspired by the lives of people in his community, his own upbringing, and his current experiences as he raises his own family in Canada’s North. In this way, his Indigenous heritage resonates with soul-brushing candour as he sings the boreal forest blues.

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