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      With the price of everything going up, the family and I are starting to do more ‘staycations’ than vacations, and Thunder Bay during the Summer has lots to offer.

      The latest event the family has taken part in was attending the Thunder Bay Kite Festival and the Snowbirds Airshow. This was the first Airshow the wife and my son have attended.

      Visiting the CKPR booth at the Thunder Bay Kite FestivalConnie, Wayne (myself), and my son Dillon posing by the CKPR car.

      We also brought a kite down to see if we can get it to fly, unfortunately, there was not enough wind to fly that type of kite that day. However, the kite did catch the eye of the CKPR summer fun crew that also were at the festival.

      Of course, we weren’t the only ones with a fancy kite at this event, there was this airplane kite that even had a spinning propeller (powered by the wind).

      cool airplane kiteMarcia and Rudy showing their cool airplane kite at the Thunder Bay Kite Festival.

      Please tell us what you thought of the Thunder Bay Kite Festival and the Snowbirds Airshow or some other Thunder Bay area event you experianced.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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