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Share this post for a chance to win a $10 Tim card (scroll down to reveal the square share icons to the left) then login to this site or one (or more) of our TBay.XYZ network sites using one of the round social connect icons (Facebook, Twitter or Google+).

Win a bonus $25 Canadian Tire gift card if you have done one of the following:

Post(s) must be real and relevant content and conform to our User Content and Conduct Policy.

Legal: Image used is not actual image of cards being awarded. Prize draw after each 100 new registered users (the sooner you enter the more chances to win!). Winner will be selected from the list of users generated by visitors registering or logging in using one of the social connect icons. Bonus card awarded only if bonus criteria was met before the winning name was drawn. Prize can only be collected/delivered within the city of Thunder Bay. Winner will be contacted via the email address listed in their account (if registered via social connect icon that will be the email address their social network provided when they first logged in). If the winning user does not respond to the email message within 7 days, prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected. By accepting the prize, winner agrees to allow TBay.XYZ to publish their name and photo. This promotional giveaway/contest can be concluded after any draw has been awarded at the sole discretion of the site administrator.

2 thoughts on “WIN THIS!

  1. Unfortunately the social connect icon for Facebook quit working a few days ago and not sure when it will again. This seems to be an external problem (something we can’t fix at our site).

    For now if you want to login using the social connect, it will have to be from Twitter or Google+ icons or you will have to register manually. If registering manually, use the same email that you use for your Facebook so that when it is working again it will log you in with the same account.

    We will post updates here in the comments once we know of any changes in this situation.

    TBay.XYZ Admin

    1. UPDATE!

      Social connect icon for Facebook now working again. Something to do with the Facebook changing its API.

      TBay.XYZ Admin

      PS -> It has been working a few days now, wanted to see if it stays working.